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eitle Webdesign

Since 2002 we are able to offer webdesign in a speacial way: our webserver is sends only HTML and XHTML content with least amount to the browser. Every thing else ist done by Apache, PHP and MySQL.

In other words: our websites are shown by every browser, even if it does not support plug-ins of any kind. So there are also no problems with smartphones and any other small appliens and your customers will not get any error messages when they are looking to your homepage.

what we do:

  • static websites
  • part databased sites
  • full databased sites
  • contentsystems with weblogin for customers
    to change content without programming skills
  • HTML programming
  • PHP programming
  • MySQL databases
  • image editing
  • basic JavaScript
  • complete solutions for small business
  • complete solutions for middle bussiness
  • framesetbased sites
  • frameless sites
  • mulitilanguage sites

programes wich we use:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere pro
  • Ulead Photo Impact
what we do not do:
  • Flash content
  • JavaSkript dependend sites
  • content systems of third partys
  • webportals with extra high security

Picture: Cinema Tulln Frontpage per May 14, 2012