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eitle configuration - FTP

If you are an experienced user, you just need the serverdata:

FTP server:
username: username of User A (= masteraccount)
password: password of User A
directory for webaccess: "/www/"
startfile for the website: "index.php" or "index.html"

Here you can see how to configure FTP access on the bases of
"Adobe Dreamweaver CS5":

Call the function "Sites verwalten" auf. In Dreamweaver you have to click on the menu "Bearbeiten" and the entry "Voreinstellungen". In the following dialog click in the left pane on "Sites" and "Sites verwalten..." afterwords. Select the needed entry and click "Bearbeiten" or "Neu..." to create a new Site.

Select now "Server" in the left pane and click "+" to add new server settings.

Fill out the fields as explained:

- Field "Servername": type in "ews-0002".

- Field "Verbinden über": select "FTP".

- Field "FTP-Adresse": put in your domain
  (example given: "" or "").
  Note: If you like to upload data before the deligation of your domain to
  our webserver, you can also use our primary IP adresse:

- Field "Benutzername": type in the name of your masteraccount
  (example given "ew00009a" oder "ew00013a").

- Field "Kennwort": type in the passwort of your masteraccount
  (example given "passwort" oder "geheim").

- Field "Stammverzeichnis": type in "/".
  Note: the directory which is reachable from the web is "/www/".
  Your website has to be saved in this directory.
  The startfile for webaccess isthe file "index.php" or "index.html".

Click "Speichern" to save the new settings.