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eitle History

1995, Autom Daniel Schmatz is running his own mailbox on a Microsoft Dos 6.0 and Windows 3.1 computer unter the phone number +43 2772 56241.
1996, Summer Daniel Schmatz has his first internet account by the provider Netway. You have to pay per minute in the heigt of a local telephone call with 28.800 bps.
2001, Spring Daniel Schmatz is now self employed with his company "Eitle Computer". He is running a sarcastic website for quite a while now (obsolit - siehe
2001, Autom After he created a website for the Cinema Tulln for fun, and sold it as a static site with permanent Cinemaprogram updates thrugh Daniel Schmatz and hosts it under, the offical expansion about "Eitle Webs" is desided, the name of the company is changed to "alles Eitle".
2002, February EWS-0002 - the first webserver of "Eitle Webs" is online - at first on Suse Linux 7.3. It is located in the Bachgasse, because at the location of the company in the Grillenhofstraße is no broadband connection avalable.
2003, July In a summer thunderstorm the dataline in the Bachgasse is damaged. In a short term decition the EWS-0002 is transferd in the middle of the night to the Grillenhofstraße and connected to the meanwhile installed broadband connection.
2005, December After security problems with Suse Linux the EWS-0002 is switched to Redhat Fedora Core 4.
2011, August Still and quite "alles Eitle" gets 10 years old.
2012 The complete web portal gets a new, 100% databasebased face in german and english.

Picture left: the site in November 2002 - Picture right: the site in November 2001