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eitle Philosophy

Snobbish, showy, complex and computation intensely
for browsers are more and more new websites.


No, from us you cannot get Flash Animations, Java
Appletts or interactive stuff. We concentrate ourself to
create downwardly compatible websites, which are shown
correctly in Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9 and compatible
browsers without limitations.


All duties which are nessesary for the correct composal of the
site from graphicelements and information out of the database
are done by our in-house webserver - the browser is only in
charge of showing pictures and text.


That for goes along, that all devices which are connected to
the interet (like computers, televisions, smartphones...) - new
and older ones - have no problems with code created from
"Eitle Webs" and can show the content without any problems.


On the server of course, things look very different: our Windows-
based webserver EWS-0002 processes HTML/PHP code which
was created by us as well as information from our MySQL data-
base - besides: the site which you see at the moment is fully


All our products are programmed exclusive from us, there are no
joomlas or simulare things involved, which garantees, that the product
will do exactly what your customer wants. Even if it doesn't to that,
or if the demands change, we can alter everything in the way that is
really wanted.